Schiphol-Oost, May 17th 2022

Today, 123Carbon released the demo of its innovative, independent carbon allocation platform for transport. This platform is developed for energy suppliers, carriers, shippers and logistics service providers and provides them with a ready-to-go solution to verify, tokenise and share the carbon reductions of transport-related projects with their supply chain partners. This is also known as ‘carbon insetting’.

The platform covers projects from all modalities (air, sea, road) and can facilitate fuel switches (eg replacing fossil fuel with biofuel) and fleet renewals (electrification, hydrogen). 123Carbon is planning the support of efficiency projects in a future release.
The platform is build on the principles of a book-and-claim system. This system allows companies to share the carbon reductions with customers separate from the physical service they provide, such as fuel delivery of transport services.

Jeroen van Heiningen, managing director 123Carbon: “This demo marks a unique milestone for Net Zero transport. Having the ability to share your carbon impact with a broad set of supply chain partners allows for costs reductions, scalability of Net Zero transport and improved transparency throughout the supply chain. We are delighted to be the first global provider of a truly independent platform for carbon nearsets and carbon insets and are looking forward to working with NGO’s and market parties to further develop this platform.”

123Carbon is currently preparing the first pilots of its platform, which will be executed over the next couple of months. In parallel, it is finalising its governance board, which allows NGO’s and a selected number of representative market parties to determine the functionality roadmap of the platform and help shape its supporting processes.

About 123Carbon

123Carbon ( is a globally operating company based in the Netherlands, providing an independent, blockchain-based book & claim platform for multimodal transport, also known as carbon insetting. Our platform provides an infrastructure based on globally accepted methodologies. We allow energy providers and transport companies to register, verify tokenize and allocate their low carbon activities to supply chain partners. Our activities are focused around transparency & trust, scalability and cost efficiency.  

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