123Carbon to present at Smart Freight Week on May 11th

Schiphol-Oost, May 1st 2022

123Carbon will make its first public appearance on May 11th during Smart Freight Week on board of the SS Rotterdam. the entire week will be packed with high quality discussion on sustainable logistics, solutions, feedstock options availability and carbon foot printing tools.

123Carbon will present their view on in-sector carbon reductions, the need for a robust guidance and how sharing the carbon reductions from low carbon transport projects with your supply chain partners can benefit your business case, increase transparency and accelerate Net Zero Logistics.

During this session we will also provide a sneak preview of our state-of-the-art, independent tokenisation platform, which will allow energy-providers and carriers into allocating their emissions reductions.

Subsequently our managing director Jeroen van Heiningen will enter into a panel discussion with Angie Farrag-Thibault (Global Road Transport Lead at World Economic Forum), Noell Fröhlich (Senior expert Clean Operations at DHL) and Katarin van Orshaegen (Commercial Lead GoodShipping).

A big thanks to Alan Lewis and Rik Arends from Smart Freight Centre for the invite.

About 123Carbon

123Carbon (www.123carbon.com) is a globally operating company based in the Netherlands, providing an independent, blockchain-based book & claim platform for multimodal transport, also known as carbon insetting. Our platform provides an infrastructure based on globally accepted methodologies. We allow energy providers and transport companies to register, verify tokenize and allocate their low carbon activities to supply chain partners. Our activities are focused around transparency & trust, scalability and cost efficiency.  

For more information, please contact info@123carbon.com

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