123Carbon and partners organise Webinar “demystifying Carbon insetting”

Schiphol-Oost, Netherlands, July 3rd, 2023

Following the launch of the Book & Claim guidance on multi-modal transportation by Smart Freight Centre on June 22nd, AllChiefs and partners organised its first two webinars on “Demystifying Carbon Insetting”. The first webinar on June 28th was focussed on the Road transportation market and the second one on Marine insetting was held on July 3rd.

The webinars provided a broad representation of parties involved in the different disciplines that are needed to guarantee a transparent carbon inset verification, issuance and allocation. The sessions were targeted at fuel providers, carriers, Freight Forwarders and Cargo Owners who are looking for concrete information on how insetting works, how they can get started and how an indecent one-stop shop platform like 123Carbon can support the from the idea phase to full execution.

The speakers of this sessions were:

Smart Freight Centre: Alan Lewis and Quintin Barnes presented the highlights of the new global Book & Claim methodology, developed together with several leading companies.

AllChiefs: Bonne Goedhart and Inge Tanke explained the core principles of insetting and the different insetting strategies

123Carbon: Jeroen Van Heiningen explained the development of the 123Carbon platform and provided a live demo of the registry.

Transport Capital: Sebastian Wittgenstein explained the role carbon insetting can play in mitigating risk involving fleet financing.

Verifavia: Nicolas Duchene shared the necessity of providing robust insetting assurance

Bureau Veritas: Benjamin Lechaptois shared his thoughts on assurance and how insetting interacts with mandatory frameworks like EU ETS, Fuel EU, etc.

Coupry: Ard Jan Dunnik explained the legal framework he developed with 123Carbon and Norden to guarantee the inset integrity on behalf of the inset buyer.

The sessions was concluded with a panel discussion of 3 customers per session of the 123Carbon platform, sharing their experiences and the challenges ahead.

For the Marine session: NordenChevron and Titan

For the Road webinar: CH RobinsonRolande and Energifabriken

Are you a fuel provider, carrier, freight forwarder or cargo owner and did you miss the webinars? Feel free to reach out to us (info@123carbon.com) to receive a link to the video registration to one or both of the webinars.

About 123Carbon

123Carbon was founded to accelerate the decarbonisation of transportation. The industry needs to be able to make investments in carbon reduction projects on behalf of customers and beyond, and allocate the resulting carbon reductions to organisations wishing to pay for their transportation emissions. That solution is called carbon insetting.

Developed collaboratively with the industry for the industry, 123Carbon’s platform is the first independent one-stop shop for carbon insetting, empowering organisations to own, manage, allocate or buy verified CO2 reductions within their supply chain partners.  

For more information, please contact us through info@123carbon.com or visit us at https://www.123carbon.com/

About Zilch Forwarding

Established in 2021 and certified by Climate Active, Zilch Forwarding is the go to provider for sustainable freight forwarding solutions.

Zilch has sustainability and decarbonisation at the core of its offering, rather than as an option to choose from.  Zilch brings a market leading suite of freight forwarding and decarbonisation solutions that allows its customers to continue to move freight in a cost effective and timely manner, whilst at the same time taking immediate action on climate change.

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