The one-stop platform for carbon insetting

in multi-modal transport,

enabled by blockchain technology

Our Services

123Carbon offers the first one-stop-shop platform for carbon insetting within Freight Transport. We allow energy suppliers and transport companies to issue, manage and sell transparent & externally verified carbon insets, which can be used by cargo owners and freight forwarders to reduce their freight emissions. We use immutable blockchain-backed certificates to ensure full transparency, chain of custody and integrity to both issuers and buyers.

Inset registry

Non public, blockchain-based registry, where immutable tokens are created that provide full transparency and chain of custody

Inset registry

Blockchain wallets



All your insets are accessible through a personal wallet, allowing you to manage the insets yourself directly on the 123Carbon registry

Inset registry

Sales channels

We provide you with several offline and online channels to promote and sell your insets onto the broader market

PLatform partners


White label solution


“Our unique white label solution provides an private, branded environment on our registry, allowing you to service your customers on an exclusive basis.”

A fully customisable, branded and exclusive environment for you and your customers, allowing access to all platform functionality.




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Our customers

Inset issuers

Inset buyers

Energy providers

Increase sales of renewable solutions


Cost recovery for fleet decarbonisation


Low carbon offer regardless of operations

Cargo owners

Improved control of achieving Net Zero targets


The power of our tokens

Current carbon insetting certificates within the Transportation market often do not provide the level of details inset buyers are looking for when it comes to project execution, emission factors used, additionality or assurance. They typically also lack robust control mechanisms to guarantee the integrity of an inset, posing a risk to the inset buyer. 123Carbon’s approach does not only focus on the inset issuer, but also looks at all involved upstream and downstream partners involved in the project.

Our unique blockchain-backed insets not only avoid double counting (the tokens cannot be changed or duplicated), but also provide all relevant details of a) the underlying project, b) its compliancy with regards to fuel sustainability, c) emissions calculations, d) allocation principles, e) assurance details and f) risk mitigation actions. All this information is verified by our external assurance partner using our assurance protocol and directly published on the token. Our tokens are issued and stored in your own company wallet and can be transferred to other eligible wallets through “sharelines”.

Guaranteed ownership

You own the wallet, you own the inset, you own the reduction


High inset integrity

All issued insets are supported by a set of legal documents to ensure its integrity


Complete transparency

All inset details are immutable and visible to the inset owner (project, assurance, emission factors & reporting)


Full chain-of-custody

Every actor in the supply chain gets its own inset certificate (fuel provider, carrier, forwarder & cargo owner)

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