Your platform for Carbon insetting within transportation

We accelerate net zero transportation through the issuance, management and allocation of environmental attribute certificates (EAC's) across all modalities (air, sea, road, rail) and technologies, following globally accepted book and claim methodologies.

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We work with leading fuel suppliers and carriers to issue transparent & externally verified environmental attribute certificates, supported by blockchain technology. These certificates can be used by freight forwarders and cargo owners to reduce their transport-related Scope 3 emissions.

One integrated platform to manage all inset certificates

We provide one secure, central place for the:

  • Verification
  • Issuance
  • Management
  • Allocation

...of high quality carbon insets.

  • Inset registry

    Non public, blockchain-based registry that deals with the assurance and issuance of immutable EAC's using blockchain technology.

  • Certificate management

    Personal accounts (wallets) that allow you to view, manage, transfer, convert and mark as reported all your multimodal insets in one single view.

  • Branded platform

    Your very own instant insetting platform, powered by 123Carbon, where you exclusively invite your customers and create your own branded certficates. The platform is fully customisable and offers self-service functionality.

Supported modalities

  • Road

  • Sea

  • Air

  • Rail

  • Barging

Why are our customers interested in insetting?

    • Energy providers

      Increase the sale / adoption of low carbon solutions.

    • Carriers

      Recover the cost of fleet decarbonisation without losing competitive position.

    • Forwarders

      Always offer low carbon transport services to customers, despite physical operations.

    • Cargo owners

      Achieve your Net Zero targets in a flexible and scalable way.

The power of our certificates

Current carbon insetting certificates within the Transportation market often do not provide the level of details inset buyers are looking for when it comes to how the project was executed, verified and what data was used to do the calculations. They typically also lack robust control mechanisms to guarantee the integrity of an inset, posing a risk to the inset buyer. 123Carbon’s approach does not only focus on the inset issuer, but also looks at both the upstream and downstream partners involved in the project.
Our unique blockchain-backed certificates not only avoid double counting (the certificates cannot be changed or duplicated), but also provide all relevant details of a) the underlying project, b) its compliancy with regards to fuel sustainability, c) emissions calculations, d) allocation principles, e) assurance details and f) risk mitigation actions. All this information is verified by our external assurance partner using our assurance protocol and directly published on the certificate.
  • No double counting

    Only one immutable certificate per ton of reduced CO2e is issued per actor in the value chain, preventing other actors.

  • High integrity

    All issued insets are supported by a set of legal documents to ensure the issuer has the agreed right to issue the certificate, approved by other stakeholders in the chain.

  • Complete transparency

    Every certificate provides 30-50 datapoints of the project set-up, assurance, emission factors, sources and reporting data. All underlying documents are stored online, accessible to the issuer.

  • Full chain-of-custody

    Every actor in the supply chain receives its own inset certificate (fuel provider, carrier, forwarder & cargo owner). If you own a certificate for your role, you have ownership.

  • 100% external verification

    All certificates and underlying documents are 100% checked by our external assurance partners, using ISO 14083, 17029, 14065 and our own assurance protocol. No samples and only proven reductions (no forecasting).

  • Standardised implementation

    We developed standardised implementation package for every type of insetting project, allowing you to start issuing certificates within weeks.

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Have your own instant insetting platform with our branded solution

A fully customisable, branded and exclusive environment for you and your customers, providing company branded certificates and access to all platform functionality and more. Create accounts for your customers, initiate projects with pre-populated templates and mark as reported certificates on behalf of your customers. All powered by 123Carbon.