123Carbon & Zilch Forwarding join forces to bring leading carbon insetting solution to Asia Pacific

Schiphol-Oost, Netherlands, May 23rd, 2023

Zilch Forwarding, a leading provider of sustainable logistics solutions has partnered with Netherlands-based 123Carbon, the first independent one-stop shop for multi-modal carbon insetting, to drive the acceleration of low carbon transportation in the Asia Pacific region.

The 123Carbon platform has been adopted by Zilch Forwarding to provide its growing network of shippers focussed on decarbonising their freight with verified, transparent and traceable carbon insetting tokens to accelerate the shift from carbon offsets to insets.

Carbon insets allow shippers to invest in low carbon marine solutions and claim the verified carbon reductions, regardless of their physical transport activity, making it a cost efficient and scalable solution to achieve reduction targets.

“We identify the need for shippers to make the shift from offsets to insets as a more robust and compliant method for transport decarbonisation, whilst at the same time helping to fund the massive fuel transition on the horizon” said Zilch CEO Michael Blake.

“With a global standard on carbon insetting scheduled to be released next month by Smart Freight Centre, we expect a growing demand for insetting solutions to provide real in-sector reductions in order to meet 2030 (and beyond) emissions reductions targets. ”We want to be at the forefront of this movement and partnering with 123Carbon to take our clients on the path makes ultimate sense to Zilch”.

123Carbon Managing Director Jeroen Van Heiningen: “We are excited to see Zilch Forwarding adopt our white label solution and introducing carbon insets to shippers in the Asia Pacific region. Freight Forwarders play a pivotable role in connecting shippers that seek decarbonization with carriers that have the ability to decarbonize their fleet and are willing to share their impact.”

About 123Carbon

123Carbon was founded to accelerate the decarbonisation of transportation. The industry needs to be able to make investments in carbon reduction projects on behalf of customers and beyond, and allocate the resulting carbon reductions to organisations wishing to pay for their transportation emissions. That solution is called carbon insetting.

Developed collaboratively with the industry for the industry, 123Carbon’s platform is the first independent one-stop shop for carbon insetting, empowering organisations to own, manage, allocate or buy verified CO2 reductions within their supply chain partners.  

For more information, please contact us through info@123carbon.com or visit us at https://www.123carbon.com/

About Zilch Forwarding

Established in 2021 and certified by Climate Active, Zilch Forwarding is the go to provider for sustainable freight forwarding solutions.

Zilch has sustainability and decarbonisation at the core of its offering, rather than as an option to choose from.  Zilch brings a market leading suite of freight forwarding and decarbonisation solutions that allows its customers to continue to move freight in a cost effective and timely manner, whilst at the same time taking immediate action on climate change.

For more information, please contact us through hello@zilchforwading.com or visit us at https://www.zilchforwarding.com